Global Hyatt changed its name to Hyatt Hotels awhile ago, but Hilton Hotels went in the other direction recently and changed its name to Hilton Worldwide. In both cases the companies said they were trying to make a point, but the point is lost on some of us.

This is America, and people are free to give any name they want to their products and organizations (except, perhaps, Edsel and Crossphere), but do names like Hilton need any embellishment at all?

If there is any one word that says "hotels" in every language, isn't it "Hilton"?

If it were Fred & Ethel's B&B, we might expect to see a plethora of verbiage such as "and bar and lounge and resort and spa," but doesn't "Hilton" say it all? Doesn't "Hyatt"? Doesn't "Cunard"?

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