The Dark Side of democracy was on display last week. In the Ukrainian Parliament, there were actual fisticuffs and actual tomatoes and eggs being thrown at the speaker's podium.

Depending on one's political beliefs about immigration enforcement, the Dark Side was also on display in Arizona, where the governor signed legislation giving police officers the power to say something we're not accustomed to hearing in this country: "Papers, please."

Now there's talk of boycotting Arizona.

As well-intentioned as such actions might be, we'd rather not go that route. Boycotts rarely work right. They often hurt the wrong people, and even when they "succeed," they don't necessarily change anybody's point of view. They just make it expensive or uncomfortable for the offender to continue.

If Arizona's Legislature is going to change its law, we'd much rather see it do so pursuant to a referendum or court order, not because it's dodging the economic equivalent of eggs and rotten tomatoes.

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