ur Welsh tour guide told us a joke, which he said was the first English joke about Wales.

The tale makes no sense without knowing that before Henry VIII formally annexed Wales in the 16th century, a Welshman typically identified himself in this style: Selwyn ap Richard, or Selwyn son of Richard.

And in certain circumstances, the list of aps would go on with a family tree as long as a chapter in the opening pages of Genesis.

Now, the story:

A Welshman falls into a ditch and calls out for help.

Finally, an Englishman hears the cries and asks who is calling out.

The Welshman says, "I am caught in a ditch. I'm David ap Richard ap William ap Evan ap Howell."

To which the Englishman says, "I'll go for help, so we can get you all out."

Even basketball icon Michael Jordan couldn't fend off pressure by his kids to vacation at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa. Above, the pool area at the resort's French Village complex.Full-court peer pressure

Basketball great Michael Jordan and his family recently vacationed at the Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort & Spa.

This is someone who likes the Bahamas, so why did he go to Beaches this spring?

It was the kids, we are told. It seems that some of their peers had been to the property and wanted to know why the Jordan kids had not been there, too.

Well, there's nothing like a peer's recommendation, and with a little pressure brought to bear at home, the Michael Jordan troop headed off for new climes.

We always knew that word-of-mouth played a powerful role in boosting and maintaining an agency's business. We had not been so wise about the part played by your youngest customers.

Stress management

We get lots of visitors here at Travel Weekly, many of them touting a product, a promotion, a president, a package plan or a press release.

Masseur Mark Capizzi works his magic on a stressed-out editor.No one had ever arrived with a massage table and masseuse in tow -- until recently, that is.

To hype its new amenity for meeting attendees, the Four Seasons Palm Beach sent Mark Capizzi, one of the resort's four staff massage therapists, to address the stress on editors' necks, shoulders, lower backs, arms, wrists and scalps.

Capizzi had plenty of willing subjects for his 25-minute massage, which is designed for people who've been sitting in meetings all day and need to work out the kinks in a short amount of time.

He did such a good job, in fact, that some of us fell sound asleep on the table.

No one, however, missed a deadline.

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