Book over the Internet, or call a travel agent? An eternal conundrum, to be sure, and also, recently, a source of a little marital discord between two old friends. Dad, Mom and Son decided to take a March trip to Puerto Rico. Dad enjoys the conveniences of the Internet and wanted to do the research and the booking thereby. But Mom wanted to throw the bookings the way of her company's on-site travel agent, with whom she is friendly. Dad wondered aloud if a business travel agent would be up to giving advice on a leisure trip, but Mom assured him the agent would know best, and he relented. Mom told the agent they wanted a hotel that was on the beach and that had a casino, and the agent ended up booking them into the Caribe Hilton Hotel & Casino in San Juan. What the agent didn't realize was that since October, it has been, simply, the Caribe Hilton; it had shut the casino down and, of course, dropped that portion of its name. Dad, on arrival, was miffed to learn of this, until the front desk people assured him the hotel would provide free cab fare to and from a nearby casino, where, to boot, he'd be provided with $50 in chips. Dad may not have fared very well at the gaming tables, but at least he was able to make a sizable deposit in what he calls the First National Bank of I Told You So's.
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