It's spring. The annual manhunt is on. Forget your commission woes for a minute.

Hedonism Resorts invites agents nationwide to help find the hottest, steamiest, sexiest 12 men alive to curl the pages of its 2001 calendar.

Ronald Combs, sponsored by Travel Masters of Geneseo in Geneseo, Ill. gives new meaning to summer. He's Hedonism's July 2000 pinup. One will be crowned the Ultimate Man of Hedonism, earning him the coveted front cover plus a calendar page.

Agents should submit full-body, 8-by-10-inch color photos of their own personal hunks. The deadline for submitting entries is May 12.

A dozen of these flexed, sculpted specimens of manhood will be selected for free trips to Negril, Jamaica, June 7 to 11 to strut their stuff in a dance competition.

The winner will be crowned Calendar Cover Boy.

What's in it for the 12 agents? They, too, will receive free trips to Hedonism II to cheer on the men during the judging.

For everyone else who just wants to hang out on the beach with a bevy of beautiful male bodies that week, SuperClubs offers special rates, especially for women.

The rest of us will just have to wait for the 2001 calendar.

For more info, e-mail [email protected].

... speaking of boys

Boys will be boys, and were, even back in the 1700s when stone latrines were where it was at.

Insider came across one (no longer in use) at a fort in Christiansted, St. Croix.

Environmental concerns were clearly not a consideration back then.

As the sign delicately explained, "Waste was flushed directly into the harbor by channeled rainwater or buckets of seawater."

Tourism probably wasn't much of a priority then, either.

Stuck paying retail

Our brain is fairly awash in industry acronyms by this point, but at a press lunch in Puerto Rico we heard a new one: "We lost big bucks in February," said the hotel general manager. "We had to go with the SPR from American," he explained.


Is it a new meal plan -- single plate of raisins?

Is it a new room rate -- spouse plus relative?

Is it a new CRS -- Simply Push Return?

None of the above.

SPR is a rate born of emergency. It springs into effect during strikes, walkouts, sickouts and whiteouts.

It refers to the hotel rate paid by an airline to cover room costs incurred when said airline's passengers can't get anywhere due to the airline's action (or inaction).

SPR -- stranded passenger rate.

You can bet the SPR is a far lower rate than the hotel usually gets, especially on a peak weekend in high season.

Ventures in Venice

Traveling to Italy this year? Don't overdo the Chianti when visiting Venice, or it'll cost you.

The city now tacks a surcharge on the price of using public rest rooms.

Nonresidents are charged 1,000 lire (about 52 cents) for each visit.

Frequent visitors (to both Venice and the rest rooms) might do better in cost terms with the three-year pass, which costs $3.12.

The price for visitors might be steep, but at least the watery city's rest rooms are clean.

AMAV, the Venetian Environmental Multiservices Corp., is in charge of public rest rooms at 21 sites -- and it is serious about urban hygiene.

The company even has its own Web site, at, with pictures of some of the rest rooms, two of which include showers.

Add a cot and it could be a hotel room.

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