Kindly complete the survey and distribute the results to voters who work in the travel industry.

If elected, I will cancel:
a) the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
b) the fingerprinting of arriving tourists
c) fuel surcharges
d) airline deregulation
e) all of the above

In my administration, the transportation secretary will:
a) have experience running a large organization
b) have experience awarding grants
c) have experience in transportation and travel
d) have experience

During my first year in office, I pledge to:
a) convene a White House Conference on Tourism
b) not convene a White House Conference on Tourism
c) learn everything I can about the economic importance of tourism
d) fake it
e) leave you alone

The Justice Department in my administration will:
a) stamp out predatory pricing
b) let airlines merge
c) let airlines engage in predatory pricing
d) b and c
e) a and b
f) all of the above except (a) and (e)
g) none of the above, but sometimes (b)
h) other

With respect to high-speed rail transportation, I intend to ask Congress to:
a) authorize a study of the feasibility of having trains run on those, y'know, magnet thingies
b) restructure Amtrak again
c) stick pins in a big map
d) continue giving speeches

I pledge to improve the environment by:
a) adopting fuel efficiency standards and emissions testing for commercial jet aircraft
b) outlawing diesel engines
c) restricting vacations to one per year
e) planting more trees at Camp David

My budget for the National Park Service will:
a) eliminate some rangers
b) eliminate all rangers and replace them with automated information kiosks
c) outsource maintenance
d) close the parks to all vehicles except hybrids
e) double

Cruise lines serving U.S. ports should:
a) serve other U.S. ports
b) not pollute where we can see them
c) pay commissions on shore excursions
d) not charge extra for spa treatments

I believe that every American is entitled to:
a) a decent job at a living wage (except travel agents)
b) affordable health insurance
c) the freedom to travel
d) low-interest college loans
e) two free checked bags 

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