Insider had a challenging conversation with a long-distance operator while trying to reach a colleague who was on the road in Spain. The chat went like this:

Insider: Hullo. I'm trying to reach someone on a mobile phone outside Madrid. Can you give me the correct dialing code?
Operator: One minute. [Long wait.]
Insider: A friend mentioned the code might be 09. Could you just check that?
Operator: You should dial 919. I think that's the city code.
Insider: But it's a mobile phone.
Operator: Well, that's what I have here, for the Western Sahara. [Silence.]
Insider: The Western Sahara is nowhere near Madrid, I assure you.
Operator: Well, I wouldn't know about that. I've never been there.
Insider: [Holds phone away from ear, looks at receiver, returns phone to ear.] Right. OK then. Thanks.
And they say people in the travel business don't know geography.
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