In Europe, bathrooms often seem designed to test the IQ of Americans. Insider found one that takes things a step further by punishing the mechanically challenged.

Photo of a bathroom.At the newly opened luxury Hotel Kamp in Helsinki, Finland, the elegant WC features a handle next to the opened lid that looks deceptively familiar.

Of course, when we pushed this handle, the bidet function of the unit sprang to life, ricocheting water off the walls.

After we dried off a bit, a search revealed that the button obscured behind

the lid produced a more refined result.

For cheroots, press 1

Man on the telephone.The Cuban-born cigar roller pictured below plied his time-honored trade in the lobby of a Puerto Rico hotel while holding a Japanese-made cell phone and talking to a client in Mexico.

What he needs next, perhaps, is one of those streamlined headsets, so he can free up both hands -- though whether it's possible to roll a cigar and talk on the phone at the same time is way beyond Insider.

Return with us now ...

On the heels of one travel conference, Insider checked into a resort on another Caribbean island for yet another conference.

Old fashioned wooden radio.The resort was a sprawling place, with older suites and cottages and newer villas spread over 400 acres.

Our suite's decor was a mix of antique and modern, and what intrigued us most was the mahogany object on the desk in the bedroom. It closely resembled something we'd seen in Grandmother's parlor aeons ago.

We turned the knob, and reggae filled the room. It was a radio sans alarm and snooze button and digital readouts.

We half expected Jack Benny or "The Shadow" to come on, but the reggae continued, and that was more than fine.

Il Cavallo Italiano

We were channel surfing in our hotel room in Italy and came upon a screening of "Rocky" -- the original one -- dubbed, of course, in Italian.

Hearing the familiar dialogue of this American pop classic in Italian is something of a "through the looking-glass" experience, and we chuckled along with the film just long enough to witness an instance of Rocky's signature cry: "Yo! Adrian!"

We had wondered, as we watched, how the dubbers would handle this, and we got our answer: Rocky Balboa sees his sweetie and calls out: "O! Adrianna! Ciao!"

Once we'd picked ourself up off the floor, we realized there are a number of reasons "Yo Adrian" just can't work in Italian. For one, there's no Y in the Italian alphabet, and for another, neutered names like Adrian simply don't exist. Still, "O Adrianna Ciao" just doesn't sing, somehow.

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