e don't like change for the sake of change, but when it comes to the way the government manages the air traffic control system, we're just about to the point of saying that anything would be an improvement.

The Reason Public Policy Institute has produced a white paper outlining how the Federal Aviation Administration's air traffic control functions can be handed over to a nonprofit corporation funded by user fees. It would be set up to have the flexibility and incentive to modernize the system and improve its efficiency.

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The FAA itself would continue to exist as a government agency and would continue to exercise its critical role of overseeing all aspects of aviation safety, including the certification of aircraft and air carriers.

This sort of separation has been proposed before, and it's been shouted down before. It was even shouted down during the Reagan administration, which took it as an article of faith that the private sector could almost always out-perform a government agency in terms of efficiency and innovation.

Without wading into that particular thicket, we think it's time to shout down the status quo because it's not taking us where we want to go.

Travel optional

We've gotten an outpouring of mail from readers over the appearance in these pages of nude brides and grooms. We think the photos came in at a PG-13 level, but still, they raised questions.

Of course, the nude brides and the nude grooms could have gotten married in their hometowns, in the privacy of their own shuttered houses or walled gardens, but they chose instead to travel, and that's the good news here.

Travel is always optional. When people choose to travel, with or without their clothes, we're for it.

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