imageWhat on Earth are the tourists in this picture gazing at? In the distance, where the ravine forms a V, is an outcrop of rock said to resemble the profile of John F. Kennedy -- a popular attraction here in central Maui since the 1960s. Except the rock tourists see no longer is JFK. Cultural sensibilities have prevailed, and the Kennedy sign has come down. The state decided that the formation actually is the profile of a 15th century Hawaiian priest named Kauaka'iwai. A blessing ceremony was held to commemorate the change, and a new sign was put up. The priest, the sign says, served a Maui ruler called Keka'e, who, it continues, "was of such high rank that a person would be put to death if they looked at him or his shadow fell upon them. To protect his subjects, he lived like a hermit in a cave."

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