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As you read through this brochure, rest assured that it was printed on paper that was recycled from recycled paper. The last time a tree died for this paper was 1988. Ronald Reagan was president.

If you would like to make a contribution to the maintenance, pruning, organic fertilization or watering of the tree that was planted to replace that tree, please turn to Page 42.

Also note that the inks used to print this brochure were manufactured from the oils of organically grown vegetables on reclaimed land over what was once a Kentucky strip mine.

If you would like to make a contribution to keeping the rabbits out of the organic garden over the former strip mine, using gentle, nonthreatening and nontoxic methods, please turn to Page 74.

If, on the other hand, you'd like to come down and just shoot the little buggers, see the "Kentucky Wild" travel package on Page 98.


Our leisure travel lineup for 2007 features several new itineraries designed to give you one last look at some of the unique places on our planet that are most threatened by global warming.

First among these is Jan Meager Atoll, a coral reef in the Dutch South Pacific, midway between Iles Gambier and Norfolk Island, about 1,000 miles south of Pago Pago. Not shown on most nautical charts, the atoll is a perfect semicircle of approximately 100 yards that, because of rising sea levels, now rises only one inch above the mean high tide. Completely uninhabited and unclaimed by any nation, it is a true tropical paradise, free of -- well, everything.

After a flight to Fiji, which requires the purchase of $100 in carbon-offset credits, travelers board our exploration vessel, the MV EnVee, for the three-day cruise to Jan Meager, timing our arrival for low tide.

Because of the fragility of the coral, guests won't be permitted to disembark, but our guides will provide a thorough explanation of the geological and biological importance of the atoll prior to our return to Fiji.

The EnVee's diesel-electric power plant is fitted with the latest scrubbers and emission-control technology, but the long voyage nevertheless requires the purchase of $39.99 in carbon-offset credits.

The base price for this eight-day adventure is $3,500 plus the carbon-offset credits. Side trips and extra options are described on Page 86. Note that the London excursion is on Virgin Atlantic Airways, which has pledged to donate all its profits to combat global warming.

If you care to make a donation to reduce the carbon-offset liability of this package for less fortunate travelers, kindly turn to Page 114.

Also new for 2007 is a series of Virtual Vacations that will allow you to experience the sights and sounds of fabulous, faraway places without leaving your home theater or boarding any vehicle requiring the use of fossil fuel.

Our high-definition, surround-sound DVDs, manufactured from reclaimed plastics, come in four six-packs: European Capitals, African Safaris, Cruising the Med and Outback Adventures. For a complete description, please turn to Page 182. 

Based on demand, more discs will be added to the series in 2008, assuming we prevail in the living-wage suit brought by our DVD factory workers, who evidently can't understand a simple contract. (Please turn to Page 247.)

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