ope, the photo below does not refer to a (female) airhead or a (male) thickheaded dolt.

Bimbo is a very popular brand of bread in Mexico.

Its bright yellow plastic wrappings on loaves of sliced white bread and bags of rolls pop up everywhere, from supermarkets to bodegas all over the country.

Insider spotted this sign in Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico has Bimbo while the U.S. has bimbos.Given the number of vacationing American students downing Happy Hour margaritas in this touristy town, it's easy to understand why the bread brand name could easily be misunderstood for a description of underage visitors.

Flags and whistles

At a recent press conference, Insider overheard Stephen Coupe, managing director of the Great Scottish & Western Railway Co., recalling a mishap associated with the line's earliest days.

He was talking about the first day the Royal Scotsman was to leave Edinburgh with passengers.

For the ceremonies that seemed to be called for on such an auspicious occasion, the then-chairman was provided with a few props that seemed appropriate to a rail event.

The props were a whistle and a flag. When he began to blow the whistle and wave the flag, the trainman in charge of the Scotsman thought those were the real signals to depart. And depart he did. Without all his passengers. Before ceremonies were concluded.

The train couldn't come back for the remaining passengers. The rail company had to stop the train farther up the line and take the passengers to the train by limousine.

We can't imagine what the rest of the ceremony was like.

Water toy

Water sports equipment has come a long way from snorkeling masks and rubber flippers.

At a Caribbean industry trade show in Puerto Rico recently, Insider saw the latest in water toys for today's leisure traveler.

This two-person water craft is the latest rage at Caribbean resorts. Made by Sea-Doo, a division of Bombardier Recreational Products in Canada, is a vehicle that looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a rocket ship.

The salesman assured us that this sleek, two-person water craft, capable of speeds faster than our 11-year-old Toyota, is "safe, fun and the latest rage at the resorts."

We thought of noisy engines, churning waters and exhaust fumes, although we were also assured that this craft is quiet and "environmentally acceptable."

Whatever happened to a shovel, a pail and a plastic strainer for sand?

Those are our water toys of choice.

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