By the time the crystal ball drops at midnight in Times Square to signal the end or the beginning, depending on how you look at it, most of us will be thoroughly millennium'd out.

Man with 2000 sunglasses.However, arriving just in time to carry the spirit of 2000 through the next 12 months are millennium sunglasses.

Insider spotted them in the U.S. Virgin Islands, selling faster than the locally popular johnnycakes.

Never one to pass on a fad, Insider grabbed a pair, wore them through customs and immigration in Puerto Rico and elicited an actual smile from the officials.

The acid test, however, came at the toll booth on the New Jersey Turnpike the next day.

The glasses drew not only the attention of the usually impassive attendant but also a cheery seasonal greeting and something almost resembling a guffaw. Nothing like a little gag to leaven the anxiety of Y2-you-know-what.

How veddy civil

Wonderful thing, civility. Having confronted "No Fishing" signs around the world, usually including words like "Absolutely" or "Don't Even Think About It," we were pleased to come across the gentle request posted on the pier at Biras Creek Resort on Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands.

Stone with the writing of We request no fishing.We'd been hoping to cast out some spinnerbaits to see what might be biting, but when asked so politely not to, what was there to do but pack in the rod and reel and settle for some sunbathing.

Erie doings

How could you not love Port Clinton, Ohio? The little fishing village on Lake Erie, year after year, mounts its own version of the timelessly timely Times Square descending New Year's ball with a 20-foot-long effigy of a walleye.

Celebration in the street at night.The walleye, for the angling-illiterate, is a "large vigorous American freshwater food and sport fish," according to Webster's -- the salient point being "large vigorous."

Walleye are ugly as heck, not only wall-eyed but outfitted with what seem like far too many spiny fins and flaps. They're also tasty as heck and fight like banshees when hooked, which makes them as prized among anglers as steelhead trout and king salmon.

The town is the consensus "walleye capital" of the Great Lakes, and O! to be in Port Clinton when Capt. Wylie Walleye comes down!

The Ottawa County Visitors Bureau sent us a press release about the event, and the release had the niftiest contact info we've ever seen: "For more information, contact [marketing director] Melinda Huntley or Mayor Tom Brown." Happy New Year, Mayor Brown, and one and all.

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