We all know the child's-eye view of the workaday world is not like that of the jaded, sophisticated, wised-up adult. Richard Fain, chairman and chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean International, recalls how a few years ago his daughter, then 5, described his career. When asked what Fain did during the day, she said he went to the office. But when asked what he did at the office, she said, "He cleans." Fain explained that was because his daughter associated work with doing chores, and chores always involved cleaning something (probably her room). But then, Fain adds, his son, three years older, was "much more knowledgeable" about what Dad did at the office. He corrected his naive sister with the information that Dad spends the day "talking on the telephone." Insider wonders what that wise young son will be doing when he grows up.

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