It's not what happens to you that matters. It's how you respond, how you deal with it that matters.

Philosophers, physicians, politicians, business leaders, counselors and coaches have been saying this, and things like it, since the story of Job, and probably before. By this logic, the day that really matters is not 9/11, but 9/12.

That's today, and it is also every day.

As the nation emerges from a 10th anniversary period of remembrance and introspection, we again confront the eternal question, what do we do now?

We are reminded that nine years ago, on the first anniversary of the attacks, we suggested in this space that travel professionals ask themselves "the question this industry asks the American traveling public every day: Where do you want to go?"

That editorial went on to state, "We are -- all of us -- travelers. What matters most is not how we got here, but where we choose to go next and how well we manage our journey. ... [Our] futures, and thus our fortunes, are tied to the next fork in the road, not the last."

We won't wrestle with the philosophers over the meaning of 9/11, an endeavor with no shortage of contestants. But we resubmit these thoughts as our rendition of the meaning of 9/12.
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