Making the rounds on the Internet last week was yet another example of Security Theater: airport security antics that have nothing to do with security.

The short story is that a man boarding an aircraft in St. Louis was questioned and verbally harassed by Transportation Security Administration agents because he was carrying $4,700 in cash.

He happened to work for Campaign for Liberty, a group founded by conservative Texas Congressman Ron Paul, which is not illegal either.

He secretly recorded the encounter on his iPhone, so we can hear the TSA agents demanding to know who he worked for, where he got the money and why he was carrying such an amount. The traveler can be heard asking, "Am I required by law to answer?"

That, evidently, is not a question the TSA agents were well trained to handle. At one point, they accused him of failing to cooperate and threatened to remove him to a police station, where he would be questioned by the FBI.

But he stood his ground, and eventually they let him go, which is the best proof we can offer that every other thing that the TSA did in this case was flat-out wrong.

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