Farm-to-Table Dining

Los Tamarindos

Los Tamarindos


Bold flavors, sustainable sourcing, economic responsibility, cultural connections—these are among the many reasons travelers increasingly seek farm-to-table dining. And they will find all that, and more, in and around Los Cabos, where a number of restaurants highlight locally grown foods in creative culinary concoctions. From grass-fed burgers to oysters straight out of the sea, from vegan beet mole to just picked fried tomatoes, from Baja California wines to the freshest basil margaritas, diners will be delighted with the range of delicious fresh options.

Acre, © Gina Ryan Photography

Acre, © Gina Ryan Photography

At the Source

For foodies seeking a truly immersive experience, several area farms welcome visitors to go direct to the source. Visitors have a chance to truly experience the art of growing and creating local foods, exploring or foraging in gardens, perhaps taking a cooking class, and topping it all off with a first-rate meal showcasing the farms’ specialties.

One of the best known is Flora Farms, a 25-acre working farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo. Some visitors come just for the delicious meals at Flora’s Field Kitchen, made with ingredients fresh from the farm as well as from the 150-acre neighboring ranch, while others choose to spend the day enjoying one or more aspects of the farm. Interactive cooking classes are held throughout the week, visitors can explore the farm on a guided walking tour or take part in a guided medicinal tour of the area followed by a lunch that includes local indigenous plants and herbs, and there’s even an on-site spa focusing on services and classes that feature the farm’s own organic flowers and herbs. Visitors can also pick up their own produce, meats, freshly picked vegetables and more at the Flora Farms Grocery.

Acre is also in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, with a stylish restaurant that highlights local ingredients from its own 25-acre farm melded with global influences and an innovative cocktail menu. Diners can stop at the petting zoo to enhance their experience, and for those who truly yearn to get away from it all, Acre also features unique tree house accommodations that seamlessly blend rustic jungle earthiness with top-notch service.

In a 19th-century stone farmhouse, set on a former sugarcane ranch and now 17-acre organic farm just outside of San Jose del Cabo, Huerta Los Tamarindos is helmed by Chef Enrique Silva, owner of the popular Los Cabos restaurant Tequila and a longtime pioneer in farm-to-table dining. Highlights include local produce from the farm as well as seafood fresh from local fishers in contemporary Baja-style creations that merge traditional recipes and ingredients with international flair. For a truly immersive experience, guests can take part in a four-hour cooking class that starts with harvesting vegetables and herbs from the garden, features hands-on cooking instruction and culminates in the chance to eat the fruits of their labor.  

Visitors can also enjoy learning about and gathering their own foods from the organic farm fields at Tiky Gardens in Miraflores, which the chef then transforms into a five-course meal that includes such delicacies as goatfish ceviche with mint, vinegar and citrus or firewood chicken with sweet herbs. An evening at the farm also features wine tasting (including wines from the nearby Valle de Guadalupe) and star gazing next to a mesquite bonfire. Find out more about this special excursion here.

Jazamango is the newest addition to the local scene, created by renowned Mexican Chef Javier Plascencia in nearby Todos Santos. The upscale open-air restaurant overlooks the farm where many of the ingredients are sourced then added to the Baja-styled cuisine.

A number of other area restaurants in more traditional dining settings also feature farm-to-table offerings, including the organic Malibu Farm at the just-opened Nobu Hotel Los Cabos; the colorful Don Sanchez in the heart of downtown San Jose del Cabo with contemporary Mexican cuisine and vegetables sourced from its own local organic farm; Tomatillos, overlooking the sea at Villa del Palmar; and more. Plus, fish-loving visitors can bring their own catch to several Cabo San Lucas restaurants to have the chef cook it up right on the spot for them—a sampling of possibilities includes the Mexican/Italian Misiones de Kinos; Captain Tony’s, right at the marina; and the small family-owned Restaurant El Pescador.   

Top photo: Courtesy Flora Farms, Bottom photo: Courtesy Jazamango

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