Los Cabos: Where Flavors Become Experiences

For those who truly love food, there is no better place to explore and indulge. Here, fresh is a way of life.

Savor THE BAJA WAY at These Notable Eateries

When your clients are here, these Los Cabos spots will take their taste buds on a journey they’ll never forget.

Around here, we live by a simple idea: Don’t rush a good thing. And meals with family and friends are definitely a good thing.

Fertile farmland, fresh seafood and a mix of cultural influences make this the place to experience the fresh flavors of Baja. With every sip, taste and bite at these three restaurants, your clients will get an unforgettable taste of The Baja Way.

Nobu Hotel Los Cabos – Cabo San Lucas
World-renowned chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa brought his signature brand of modern Japanese minimalism to Los Cabos. This restaurant focuses on fresh seafood. And where better than Los Cabos to taste the sea’s bountiful riches? Explore this innovative fusion cuisine with Peruvian ingredients invited into traditional Japanese dishes. Don’t miss the black cod in miso.

Nick-San – Cabo San Lucas
Nick-San gave Cabo San Lucas its first taste of Japanese cuisine with warm service, a hip atmosphere and a menu that surprises. Locals and tourists alike keep coming back for more – more tuna tostadas, lobster curries and outstanding sushi and sashimi, that is. Their new location at The Shoppes at Palmilla in San Jose del Cabo offers a serene view of the bay.

Jazamango – Todos Santos
Celebrated Mexican chef Javier Plascencia believes in tasting food with all of the senses. Ingredients harvested from their own fields and orchards, unforgettable flavors emerge in dishes like housemade fettuccine, lamb tacos and grilled octopus. This farm-to-table restaurant, inspired by the small town of Todos Santos and its unique mixture of desert, mountain and beach landscapes, gives diners a true taste of Baja.

Invite your clients to immerse themselves in a culinary experience

It’s not just what you taste. But how you do it. And where, of course. Visit Flora Farms, a 10-acre organic farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains where they only serve what they make, raise and grow. Head to Los Tamarindos, a restaurant with a rich history. This property was first used to grow sugarcane in the 19th century. And then stop by Mint Jungle and Amber’s Market ­­– a fusion between a natural market and sports bar with cocktails featuring the freshest local ingredients.  


The southern-most tip of the Baja Peninsula is where the golden desert gives way to crystal-clear waters and lush gardens. Sound unbelievable? It kind of is. And this landscape directly influences the cuisine around town. Farm-to-table meals thrive off field after field of fresh vegetables from gardens. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean come together to provide a bounty of fresh seafood, not to mention a brilliant backdrop to every meal.

Check out farm-to-table dining at visitloscabos.travel for more great ideas about fresh culinary experiences in Los Cabos.