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Among the many ways that the pandemic reshaped the national landscape is that more people work from home now, and that is true more than ever of travel advisors. In 2021, 79% of respondents said they work from home, growing from 61% in the 2019 survey. Of that number, 71% are independent home-based advisors (17% are fully independent, 54% are hosted independent) and 8% are home-based agency employees.
75% of agencies — those that survived — reported a decrease year over year in overall sales in 2020. In the entire history of the Travel Weekly Travel Industry Survey, only once, at the height of the Great Recession, was it higher: In 2008, 80% of agencies reported decreased sales. Since 2013, the number had never gone above 10%, and only three years prior, in 2017, it reached a low of 8%.

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