Travel Industry Survey

The Big Picture

In the travel industry, travel professionals are one of the most important distribution channels for suppliers. Travel professionals generate an enormous amount of business as detailed in Travel Weekly’s Travel Industry Survey. Each respondent to our survey provides a unique and accurate portrait of travel retailing, and taken together, they compose a literal and figurative “big picture.”


This report comprises the results of the 2017 Travel Industry Survey. The survey is conducted annually and examines important trends in the operation of travel agencies. 

The Warren Weiss Co. collected the data by distributing an online questionnaire to Travel Weekly and TravelAge West subscribers in July 2017, inviting them to participate in the research project. The survey results were based on responses from 995 travel agents, received between July and August. 

The sample size enables analyses of various segments and subgroups, with statistical reliability typically ranging from a 5% to 7% margin of error. However, for the most part, trends apparent in the data are so consistent over time that even small changes can be considered reliable. 

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