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Most visitors to Mexico stick to the predictable modes of transportation: tour buses, taxis, perhaps a car rental. But the destination is perfect for those who want to explore by motorcycle, according to Steven Peltier, co-founder and president of Sunday Morning Rides, an online portal for riders.

Peltiers San Diego-based company recently announced a collaboration with Motoquest, a Mexican online tourism resource, to promote adventure riding in Mexico. The collaboration launched in April.

The primary goal of Sunday Morning Rides is to expose riders to the worlds best motorcycle rides, not just in the U.S., Peltier said.

Motoquest initially contacted us to determine if their tours would complement our mapping technologies. Upon seeing their richly detailed descriptions and the diversity of rides covering the extent of the country, we knew almost immediately that these rides would appeal to our users.

Sunday Morning Rides enables motorcycle riders to access and share ride tracks via a mapping system that combines GPS, geographic information systems, database and Google mapping technology.

Users also can customize the service with geographically referenced points of interest, imagery, videos, rider reviews, hazards and weather.

Featuring the Mexico tours was a relatively easy decision, Peltier said. They are well documented, rich in historical detail and at a level of difficulty that would challenge and appeal to riders seeking adventure.

The Motoquest Web site focuses on motorcycle touring in Mexico, with articles, videos and GPS ride information. Among the sites more creative endeavors is a map for motorcyclists that duplicates the route followed by Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes in 1519, from the Gulf of Mexico to what was then the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.

The two Web sites now share technology and content to showcase Motoquests historical tours. Motoquest content will be integrated via the Sunday Morning Rides map interface, enabling users to interactively explore the detailed GPS tracks collected on Motoquest tours, with enhanced imagery and motorcycle-specific information and services.

Mexicos draw is its incredible scenery and diversity, Peltier said. Our hope is that riders who would ordinarily not consider Mexico a touring destination will gain an appreciation for the historical relevance of these rides, which take on a new appeal when experienced on two wheels.

The tours listed are not commissionable to travel agents, but Peltier noted they can still be of use to agents with clients who are motorcycle enthusiasts.

Agents can use the Sunday Morning Rides site to access commissionable product.

Where relevant, we provide links and/or contact information for resources and tour organizers that can provide additional services beyond the information freely available from our site.

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