Travel Insured International now enables agency owners and managers to quickly identify any upcoming trips that do not have a travel insurance component, and automatically send quotes to the client or booking agent.

The free tool, called Bulk Quote, is on the company's TravelInsured Agent Portal (TAP).

After a period of beta testing, Bulk Quote went live on March 30, and Travel Insured International is now ramping up marketing efforts to educate agents about the product, said Isaac Cymrot, vice president of industry relations.

Isaac Cymrot
Isaac Cymrot

Bulk Quote is initially available to agents who use the ClientBase CRM tool, but Cymrot said Travel Insured International plans to build functionality to make it available to others, as well.

Records of ClientBase Res Cards without an insurance product attached are automatically found and transferred to TAP. Bulk Quote then generates a list of those clients with an individual, customized travel insurance quote for each; the owner or manager can send those quotes with one click.

"You're no longer reliant on your frontline agent to be the one to generate the quote," Cymrot said. "You can now run that report, upload it into our TravelInsured Agent Portal, and we will do it for you -- and the process takes about two minutes."

Cymrot said he believes the offering is unique. Previously, in order to do what Bulk Quote does, the owner or manager would have to individually go into each Res Card, connect to the TAP system and send a quote that way, something he estimated would take about five minutes per quote.

Essentially, Bulk Quote enables agents to avoid manually quoting each client who doesn't have insurance, said Diane Petras, project manager of TAP Software at Travel Insured International. It's meant for owners and managers to "get a global picture of what's happening at your agency," enabling them access to actionable data for all their agents' Res Cards.

"This enhancement is coming at a good time when a lot of agency owners are expanding," Petras said. "A lot of them have independent contractors, a lot of them have a lot of agents, and you can't stay on top of every single thing that they're doing every day."

Petras said Bulk Quote has several safeguards built in. Owners and managers can unselect individuals who should not get a quote. They also have the option to list clients without insurance by agent and send the file to the individual agent, who may have forgotten to offer insurance or forgotten to document that the client declined.

Petras is a former agent and agency owner. "I was thinking like an agency owner when I was designing this," she said.

According to Cymrot, beta tests with agencies have helped with another aspect of their businesses, as well: uncovering data issues in ClientBase.

"While that might sound like a negative, agency management has actually thanked us because it has helped them drill down on areas of training for general ClientBase use with their front line," he said. "Having a resource like Diane at our disposal with her [in-depth] knowledge in ClientBase is a real game-changer. Not only will Bulk Quote revolutionize the insurance quote process but it looks like we are also going to provide agency management the added benefit of more accurate sales analytics."


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