What's New, What's Hot: August 2016

GoSleep Travel System: Travelers in cramped circumstances, and that is almost everyone in an airplane's economy seating, continue to look for relief from sleepless hours and stiff necks. Well, they might just have found it in this two-in-one product, which comprises a memory foam pillow and a unique sleep mask designed to prevent the head-bobbing that jolts you awake just as you are falling asleep. GoSleep includes a zippered carrying case that doubles as a neck or back support and the sleep mask with an elastic cord and toggles that secure to a seat or adjustable headrest. $64.95; www.gosleepusa.com.

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Moca Heart Monitor: For health-conscious travelers (and who isn't or shouldn't be?), this clever device is designed to monitor and transmit all key indicators of one's cardiovascular state of health. Users place one finger over the monitor's optical sensor while placing a finger from the other hand on its stainless steel front surface. Using red and infrared lights (combined with the optical sensor), along with an EKG sensor, the Moca Monitor, according to its manufacturer, measures the electrical activity of the heart, blood oxygen levels and blood velocity (which is fairly consistent, according to Moca, with blood pressure). All the data, plus input from the user, is wirelessly linked to an IOS or Android device. All data can then be viewed, in graph form. $149; https://mocacare.com.

Road Warrior Carry-On Suitcase: Eight wheels, including larger, double rear ones for when being up and tilted on two wheels would make negotiating an airport or hotel lobby easier, are among the attributes that sets this piece of luggage from Lat_56 apart from the competition. In addition to its high-level mobility, the Road Warrior has a detachable, water-resistant shoe/laundry bag; an interior with multiple pockets featuring external access; and a rugged, but light-weight (8.1-pound) body. The suitcase's dimensions are an IATA cabin OK'd 21.5 by 13.5 by 7.5 inches. $449; www.lat56.com.

Safego: Of course, most hotels and motels provide in-room safes, but it never hurts the security-conscious traveler to carry along a portable, personal lock box that can be secured by its own 1/4-inch-thick, plastic-coated steel cable around fixed objects such as a table leg, fence rung, light pole, steering wheel (when the car is not in operation, of course) or even a sturdy beach chair. The Safego, at 7 by 7.5 by 4 inches with a 17 3/4-inch-long cable, makes it a perfect fit for securing personal items such as a wallet, cell phone and/or camera while at home or away. The case is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic; the lock mechanism, which can be opened by key or combination, is made of a rust-resistant, nickel-plated zinc alloy. Safego comes in four colors: white, black, pink and blue. $39.95; https://safego.us.

Wazoo Survival Adventure Bracelet: If you are wearing one of these on your wrist, you are prepared to weather many an unexpected emergency or get yourself out of a tight spot. For starters, the well-named bracelet, part of the Wazoo Survival Gear line, provides you with the tools you might need for navigation: fire starting, cutting, auditory/visual signaling, daytime/night signaling and first-aid. Among the features of the bracelet are a paracord, a liquid-filled compass, a ceramic knife, surgical tubing, fishing line and hooks, a whistle, a signal mirror, a glow light and safety pins. The bracelet, which is reasonably comfortable to wear all things considered, requires prospective buyers to follow specific wrist-fitting instructions and carries a caveat for those allergic to latex (the surgical tubing). Another caveat: Although the bracelet is machine washable (let it air dry), all accessories should be removed before washing. It can be worn while swimming (chlorine acts as a cleansing agent). $89; www.wazoosurvivalgear.com.


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