Photo Credit: Illustration by Shutterstock
Photo Credit: Illustration by Shutterstock

Travel Weekly's 2015 Consumer Trends

Travel Weekly’s annual report on the way consumers research, shop and book travel, what they are buying and why.
Introduction: As industry soars, innovation will draw new talent

With the industry flourishing, top talent will gravitate to the most innovative agencies.READ MORE

Review sites guide travelers, especially affluent ones

Review sites expand into one-stop shops that offer bookings and ancillary products.READ MORE

Sharing economy: Awareness soars

Millennials drive a surge in sharing-economy awareness and usage.READ MORE

Agent specialization is key

As consumers become more sophisticated, agents get more focused on specialization.READ MORE

Mobile devices drive online travel bookings

Mobile shopping drives an increase in shop-to-book conversion rates among online users.READ MORE

Consumers increasingly use mobile sites to buy travel

U.S. online customers are migrating toward shopping and buying travel via mobile devices, according to Phocuswright and Millward Brown Digital.READ MORE

Younger travelers an emerging force in luxury spending

Millennials fill a spending gap among travelers over age 55, the group that traditionally leads all ages in average travel spend.READ MORE

Social media: Consumers' new platforms of choice

Social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram gain ground on Facebook.READ MORE

Social media: Instagram's wide reach

Instagram threatens to overtake all of the established social platforms as it continues to move up in the social media hierarchy.READ MORE

Marketing: Referrals are a must for travel agents

In the social media era, word of mouth is more important than ever for travel agent referrals.READ MORE

International trips on the rise, but air travel dropping

In 2014, the Consumer Trends survey found that international travel accounted for 16% of all trips. This year, it's 19%.READ MORE

Trip lengths: The year of the quick getaway

The survey finds that fewer people take longer trips, and more people take shorter trips.READ MORE

Research on leisure trips, bookings, review sites, social media

How the Consumer Trends Survey, by the Warren Weiss Co., and surveys from Phocuswright and Millward Brown Digital, were conducted.READ MORE