Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Pearl Deck Plans

Norwegian Pearl Deck Plans

Norwegian Pearl Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
A13-Bedroom Garden Villa
A2Deluxe Owner's Suite
A32-Bedroom Family Villa
A4Courtyard Villa
AAOwner's Suite
AB2-Bedroom Family Suite
ADRomance Suite
B1Aft-Facing Balcony
B2Family Balcony
B3Family Balcony
BABalcony Stateroom
BAMid-Ship Balcony
BBBalcony Stateroom
BCBalcony Stateroom
BDBalcony Stateroom
BEBalcony Stateroom
BXGuarantee Balcony
CCOceanview Stateroom
DDOceanview Stateroom
EEOceanview Stateroom
FOceanview Stateroom
GObstructed View Stateroom
HOceanview Stateroom
H1The Haven 3-Bedroom Garden Villa
H2The Haven Deluxe Owner's Suite with Large Balcony
H3The Haven Owner's Suite with Large Balcony
H4The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony
H5The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony
HHOceanview Stateroom
IInside Stateroom
I1Family Inside
IAMid-ship Inside
IBMid-ship Inside
IEMid-ship Inside
IIInside Stateroom
IXGuarantee Inside
JInside Stateroom
JJInside Stateroom
KInside Stateroom
KKInside Stateroom
LInside Stateroom
MInside Stateroom
M1Aft-Facing Mini Suite with Balcony
MAMid-Ship Mini Suite with Balcony
MBMini Suite with Balcony
MXGuarantee Mini-Suite
NInside Stateroom
O1Family Oceanview Picture Window
OAOceanview Picture Window
OBMid-ship Oceanview Picture Window
OCOceanview Picture Window
OFMid-ship Oceanview Porthole Window
OGOceanview Porthole Window
OKObstructed Oceanview
OXGuarantee Oceanview
SC2-Bedroom Family Suite with Balcony
SEPenthouse with Large Balcony
SFPenthouse with Large Balcony
Deck FourNorwegian Pearl Deck Four
Deck FiveNorwegian Pearl Deck Five
Deck SixNorwegian Pearl Deck Six
Deck SevenNorwegian Pearl Deck Seven
Deck EightNorwegian Pearl Deck Eight
Deck NineNorwegian Pearl Deck Nine
Deck TenNorwegian Pearl Deck Ten
Deck ElevenNorwegian Pearl Deck Eleven
Deck TwelveNorwegian Pearl Deck Twelve
Deck ThirteenNorwegian Pearl Deck Thirteen
Deck FourteenNorwegian Pearl Deck Fourteen
Deck FifteenNorwegian Pearl Deck Fifteen