Princess Cruises Crown Princess Deck Plans

Crown Princess Deck Plans

Crown Princess Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
AAMini-Suite with Balcony
ABMini-Suite with Balcony
ACMini-Suite with Balcony
ADMini-Suite with Balcony
AEMini-Suite with Balcony
B1Premium Balcony Stateroom
B2Premium Balcony Stateroom
B4Premium Balcony Stateroom
BABalcony Stateroom
BAOceanview Double with Balcony
BBBalcony Stateroom
BBOceanview Double with Balcony
BCBalcony Stateroom
BCOceanview Double with Balcony
BDBalcony Stateroom
BDOceanview Double with Balcony
BEBalcony Stateroom
BEOceanview Double with Balcony
BFBalcony Stateroom
BFOceanview Double with Balcony
BGOceanview Double with Balcony
COceanview Double
DOceanview Double
DDOceanview Double
EOceanview Double
EEOceanview Double
FOceanview Double
FFOceanview Double
GOceanview Double
GGOceanview Double
IInterior Double
IAInterior Stateroom
IBInterior Stateroom
ICInterior Stateroom
IDInterior Stateroom
IEInterior Stateroom
IFInterior Stateroom
IIInterior Double
JInterior Double
JJInterior Double
KInterior Double
KKInterior Double
LInterior Double
MInterior Double
M1Club Class Mini-Suite
MAMini-Suite With Balcony
MBMini-Suite With Balcony
MDMini-Suite With Balcony
MEMini-Suite With Balcony
OBOceanview Stateroom
OCOceanview Stateroom
OEOceanview Stateroom
OFOceanview Stateroom
OSSuite with Balcony
OVOceanview Obstructed
OWOceanview Obstructed
OYOceanview Obstructed
OZOceanview Obstructed
PHSuite with Balcony
PSSuite with Balcony
S2Owner's Suite
S3Penthouse Suite
S4Penthouse Suite
S5Premium Suite
S6Vista Suite
S8Two Bedroom Family Suite
VSSuite with Balcony
XSFamily Suite: Interconnecting Staterooms
Gala DeckCrown Princess Gala Deck
Plaza DeckCrown Princess Plaza Deck
Fiesta DeckCrown Princess Fiesta Deck
Promenade DeckCrown Princess Promenade Deck
Emerald DeckCrown Princess Emerald Deck
Dolphin DeckCrown Princess Dolphin Deck
CaribeCrown Princess Caribe
BajaCrown Princess Baja
AlohaCrown Princess Aloha
Riviera DeckCrown Princess Riviera Deck
Lido DeckCrown Princess Lido Deck
SunCrown Princess Sun
SportsCrown Princess Sports
SkyCrown Princess Sky
StarCrown Princess Star