Photo Credit: TW illustration by Jennifer Martins
Photo Credit: TW illustration by Jennifer Martins

Travel Weekly's 2016 Travel Industry Survey

Our annual by-the-numbers look at how the travel agency channel is evolving. This year's sampling of more than 1,800 agents found a sharp increase in home-based agent revenue; that terrorism tops airfare costs as the issue keeping agents up at night; and more independent contractors entering the realm. 
Introduction to Travel Industry Survey 2016

One learns a lot from trend lines, but what about outliers, those numbers in a chart that turn left when all the others turn right?...READ MORE

Data points

What's up, what's down, what's in and what's out: A look at some of the research highlights from this year's survey....READ MORE

Agency employment

This year, Travel Weekly added a category to the survey, independent contractors, and found that the average agency employs 11.8 ICs...READ MORE

Global concerns

Contributing editor Jeri Clausing talked to Phil Otterson, president of Abercrombie & Kent USA, about how concerns about global tensions, terrorism and security are affecting the industry....READ MORE

Home grown

Home-based agents are generating more sales than they have since 2011, with an average gross dollar volume of $476,000 in 2015, up 45% from 2014....READ MORE

Out on tour

Travel agents were asked what types of suppliers they used for tours and packages: Traditional tour operators are still overwhelmingly the most popular suppliers, but they were down to 84%....READ MORE

The fee factor

The more revenue an agency -- home-based or traditional -- books, the greater the chance that a larger percentage of revenue will come from service fees....READ MORE

Social media

Vicky Garcia, COO of CruisePlanners: "We teach our agents, look: wrap your arms around one or two of these main tools and be avid on it. If that one client might want to Snapchat you, know enough about...READ MORE

Preferred method

A higher percentage of cruises are sold through preferred suppliers than any other travel product....READ MORE


This report comprises the results of the 2016 Travel Industry Survey, which is conducted annually and examines important trends in the operations of travel agencies and travel agents....READ MORE