Photo Credit: TW illustration by Jenn Martins
Photo Credit: TW illustration by Jenn Martins

Travel Weekly's 2017 Travel Industry Survey

In our annual survey of travel sellers, our reporters take measure of the statistics and trends that could help agents, agency owners and suppliers make better decisions. This year’s sampling found that more new agencies are coming into the fold than in recent years; that mobile marketing is on the rise; that service fees still confound smaller agencies; that terrorism tops internet competition as the issue keeping agents up at night; and that air sales are making an improbable comeback.  

Introduction: Breaking the law of averages

In 2017 Travel Industry Survey reports that follow, our reporters take measure of the statistics and trends that could help agents, agency owners and suppliers make better decisions....READ MORE

Data points

Statistics and charts about the makeup of the retail travel industry in 2017....READ MORE

Percent of agencies' revenue from various travel products

The data reveals surprising diversions in revenue sources between the largest traditional agencies in our surveyand the largest home-based agencies....READ MORE

Travel products agencies focus on most

Five travel products had dominated this category for the past several years, the ones that consistently have response rates above 30%....READ MORE

Fear factor: Internet competition

Internet competition remains a big concern for agents, especially lower-earning home-based ones. It was cited as both a factor that affected business last year and one they are concerned about going...READ MORE

Fear factor: Political rhetoric

This year, there was a considerable increase in the number of agents who cited an "unfavorable opinion of U.S." as an issue that most affected agency revenue in 2016 (15%, up from 10%). A new option...READ MORE

Air fare

In this year's survey, air bookings as a percent of total revenue increased to their 2012 level of 19%, still a long way from the 36% in 2003 but up from 17% last year....READ MORE

Fee for all

The gap is growing between larger and smaller traditional agencies when it comes to charging service fees....READ MORE

Mobile matters

Agents, now more than ever, are using mobile marketing to attract clients: 17% of respondents said it is an important way to reach new clients or keep current ones, up from 12% last year, the biggest...READ MORE

New blood

This year's Travel Industry survey found that more new agencies are in business now than in recent years: One-quarter of all home-based agents have operated for two years or less....READ MORE

Popular package picks

Traditional tour operators maintained their position as the most popular type of supplier by far; small gains were made by both airline-branded packages and online packages....READ MORE

Safe at home

A considerable year-over-year shift took place in the proportion of domestic vs. international tours and packages sold by the largest traditional agencies....READ MORE

Agency consortium membership

Seventy-seven percent of travel agencies belong to a consortium....READ MORE

Use of a host agency

About two out of every three independent home-based agencies are connected to a host agency....READ MORE

Methodology and business profile

The 2017 Travel Industry Survey is conducted annually and examines important trends in the operations of travel agencies....READ MORE