Safari story inaccurate

In contrast to Travel Weekly's usual high level of reporting, I found the recent article on the Ebola outbreak inaccurate, beginning with the headline.... READ MORE

Agents need to explain 'rafting' to river cruisers

I just wanted to comment on Richard Turen's discussion of what we in the river cruise industry call "rafting" [tethering vessels to each other at piers in certain ports], which is a growing phenomenon as more ships are added to European rivers.... READ MORE

Few blacks in travel is money, not race issue

Arnie Weissmann's "Minority report" column is very interesting. As an Italian immigrant who landed here in 1961, I can tell you that these past years in the travel business I saw many changes, and the African-American is not in it. But it has nothing to do with being a minority; it has to do with compensation and benefits.... READ MORE