Kudos for Turen's column on global warming

While I'm one of many who relish reading Richard Turen's column in Travel Weekly, I have to take a moment to thank you for focusing on global warming, and taking a gibe at those who choose to stay in their caves with blinders on regarding this topic [Reality Check: "August 2020: Alone in Paris," Aug. 13]. 

While a number of people are taking small steps to reduce their energy footprint, we can't do enough, quick enough, and substantially enough on this front. So every small effort is meaningful, including speaking out.

Of course, it's not just climate change, but our relationship with our planet in general that's at stake.

I don't know how many agencies are ASTA Green Program members, or take those guidelines seriously, but at least some effort has been made on ASTA's part to call attention to this general topic, and hopefully more agencies might review ASTA's green guidelines and look to improve their operations from an energy and environmental viewpoint.

Certainly we've tried to do so, whether using recycled paper, going as paper-free as possible, recycling, doing without paper cups (we're putting to good use the free mugs provided by suppliers!) and so on.

Thanks for your commentary, as always.

Dan Ilves, vice president,leisure sales and marketing
Los Angeles

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