What's New, What's Hot: April 2015

By Joe Rosen /
What's New, What's Hot is Travel Weekly's look at useful and fun travel gadgets, edited by Joe Rosen. First up, SafetyTat Travel Packs. Just the thing a good Samaritan or police officer needs to identify a lost child and call a designated contact. These nonirritant skin applique tattoos provide space to write a phone number or whatever minimal info you desire to add. The packs, which include six tattoos and a marking pen, include a beach theme, a boy and girl variety, and an allergy alert, among other themes.Hats off, or really, hats on, to the next three products: Whether you are adventuring in a rain forest or luxuriating in your own backyard, these hats feature an odorless nylon fabric that incorporates a patented insect repellant technology to repel mosquitos, ticks, ants, chiggers, flies and midges. Appropriate for men and women, the Stetson No Fly Zone Boonies, which come with a 2.5-inch brim in a neutral khaki color, are available with mesh insert sizing toggle and a sun shield to protect the back of your neck or with a chin strap.Another fashionable chapeau, this crocheted hat crafted by women knitters in Chiang Mai, Thailand, comes in a variety of seasonal colors. What sets it apart is an invisible wire that allows you to bend and mold Pure Handknit's Large Brim to create just the look you desire. Made of 100% cotton, the hat can be hand washed or dry cleaned. One size fits all.Made of neutral-colored 100% paper cloth, this lightweight topper for women is as attractive as it is practical. The Wallaroo Gigi has a light cotton lining, comes in either a 2-inch brim trilby or 3-inch brim fedora model and sports a polka dot ribbon around the crown. Like all of Wallaroo's line of sun-protective hats, the adjustable Gigi has a UPF 50+ rating, which means that it blocks almost 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays.Designed to support hydration and block allergens, pollen and airborne contaminants such as bacteria and viruses that cause illness, this ultra-thin air mask looks good while doing good when you are traveling in a plane, train or motorcoach. The product, which is available in nine designs for men and women, features a one-size-fits-all, four-way stretch fabric and stretch ear loops and has no seams, latex elastic straps or buckles. Each MyAir mask kit includes a lightweight washable sheath, three replaceable filters and a zip-lock case.