2017 Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards

The Choice is Yours! Voting for the Travel Weekly's 2017 Readers Choice Awards is now open.

Cast your vote today to determine who the finalists will be.

(All categories are optional. The first round of voting closes September 1, 2017.)

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Voting Categories

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1.     Airline: Domestic
2.     Airline: International
3.     Airline: Business/First Class
4.     Top Airline Global Network
5.     Airline: Sales & Service
6.     Top Airline Overall


7.     Car Rental: Domestic
8.     Car Rental: International


9.     Hotel Chain: Domestic
10.    Hotel Chain: Asia
11.    Hotel Chain: Caribbean
12.    Hotel Chain: Europe
13.    Hotel Chain: Mexico
14.    Hotel Chain: Hawaii/South Pacific
15.    Hotel Chain: All-Inclusive
16.    Hotel Chain: Luxury
17.    Hotel Chain: Upscale
18.    Hotel Chain: Mid-Priced
19.    Hotel Chain: Boutique
20.    Best Resort Worldwide
21.    Hotel Chain: Sales & Service
22.    Top Overall Hotel Group


23.    Tour Operator: Domestic Packaged
24.    Tour Operator: Domestic Escorted
25.    Tour Operator: International
26.    Tour Operator: Adventure
27.    Tour Operator: Africa
28.    Tour Operator: Asia/Pacific
29.    Tour Operator: Canada
30.    Tour Operator: Caribbean
31.    Tour Operator: Europe
32.    Tour Operator: Hawaii
33.    Tour Operator: Mexico
34.    Tour Operator: Luxury
35.    Tour Operator: Group, Packaged
36.    Tour Operator: Escorted Sales & Service
37.    Tour Operator: Packaged Sales & Service
38.    Tour Operator: Escorted Overall
39.    Tour Operator: Packaged Overall


40.    Cruise Line: Domestic
41.    Cruise Line: Alaska
42.    Cruise Line: Caribbean
43.    Cruise Line: Europe
44.    Cruise Line: Hawaii/Pacific
45.    Cruise Line: Under 1,000 Berths
46.    Cruise Line: Premium
47.    Cruise Line: Luxury
48.    Cruise Line: River Cruising
49.    Best World Cruise Itinerary
50.    Best Family Experience
51.    Cruise Line: Best Cuisine
52.    Cruise Line: Best Entertainment
53.    Cruise Line: Best Private Island
54.    Cruise Ship: River Cruising
55.    Cruise Ship: New
56.    Cruise Ship: Premium
57.    Cruise Ship: Luxury
58.    Cruise Ship: Overall Individual
59.    Cruise Line: River Cruise Sales & Service
60.    Cruise Line: Sales & Service
62.    Cruise Line: Overall


63.    Destination: Africa
64.    Destination: Asia/Pacific
65.    Destination: Canada
66.    Destination: Caribbean
67.    Destination: Central/South America
68.    Destination: Europe
69.    Destination: Hawaii
70.    Destination: Mexico
71.    Destination: U.S. State
72.    Destination: U.S. City


73.    Best Theme Park Company
74.    Best Travel Agent Educational Program
75.    Best Agent Loyalty Program
76.    Best Rail Vacation
77.    Best GDS Company
78.    Best Insurance Provider

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2017 Travel Weekly Readers Choice Rules

Voting begins July 31, 2017 and ends November 3, 2017. Entrants must be at least 18 years old. Participants agree to be bound by these official rules and by all decisions of the contest Sponsors, Northstar Travel Group (NTG) and Travel Weekly (TW), whose decisions are final and discretionary. Sponsors shall not be responsible for registration errors or for lost, late or misdirected mail (including email), or telecommunication or computer hardware or software failures. TW reserves the right to disqualify any entry to be determined not valid.