Should travel-planning fees be the same for every client?


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Fees are a perennial hot topic among the travel agency community. On the season four opener of Trade Secrets, co-hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada delve into many different aspects of planning fees with Tiffany Hines, CEO and president of Global Escapes, and Cali Stein, a luxury advisor with Embark Beyond. They address normalizing fees, different ways to charge them, whether every client should be charged the same way and more.

In this episode:

  • 8:22: An overview on fee data from Travel Weekly's survey
  • 9:39: How Cali and Tiffany charge fees
  • 15:43: How do agents normalize charging a fee for their services, both among clients and other advisors?
  • 22:55: What's the right planning fee for a new travel advisor?
  • 27:06: How do you charge a fee for your services? How do you introduce the idea of a fee to clients?
  • 29:32: How do you handle charging fees for different kinds of clients, like referrals, for instance?
  • 35:06: Should booking fees be the same for every client?
  • 36:10: Are celebrity clients in a different tier than others?
  • 38:40: One advisor isn't getting any takers with her fee -- what gives?
  • 44:57: How do you actually collect and process fees from clients?
  • 47:26: How do you keep track of time if you're charging an hourly fee

This episode was sponsored by Windstar Cruises.

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