In the April 10 issue of Travel Weekly, we quoted Peter Stanzel, the president of TA Edge, saying that the biggest mistake Web site creators make is to place text on those sites with misspelled words.

It creates a poor impression, he noted, for Web surfers to find that a site sponsor has made that kind of mistake. We at Insider applaud Peter for making his point.

We figure it is similar to misspelling words in a letter of application for a job or in a letter written to pitch your services to a prospective customer.

We also believe that on the Web -- today's Wild West of publishing -- there have been so many assaults on the language we love that we figure several laws have been broken.

So, when gleefully editing this oh-so-useful article for Agent Life, we looked up TA Edge on the Web (at and found the name there written as TA-Edge.

To hyphen or not to hyphen, we wondered -- and called the firm to ask.

The answer is no hyphen and the error -- in the company's own name -- appears on the Web site.

Peter said the company is aware of the issue and working to make the naming consistent.

He said the company name went through an evolution -- from hyphenated to not -- and that explained the name seen on the site.

But, the evolution continues: In an even newer incarnation, the company trademark is Taedge.

New Age antics

Peter Carideo, president of Chicago-based CRC Travel, found a new way to deal with those annoying telemarketing calls that even businesses get in the middle of the day.

"What I tell these people is that next month we're ripping out all of our phones and doing all of our business by computer and on the Internet.

"A couple of years ago, they probably wouldn't have believed me, but now they don't flinch. They say, 'Oh, OK, we won't call you again.' "

Score one for the new information age.

'Escape' has escaped

Universal Studios Escape, the Orlando destination resort encompassing Universal Studios Florida, Universal's Islands of Adventure, the Portofino Bay Hotel and the Universal City Walk dining-entertainment zone, quietly changed its day-to-day operating name to Universal Orlando.

However, the change came too late for most travel guidebooks produced for 2000 reference.

How many does it take?

It had been a rough day.

Sprint rejected our phone card call from San Juan to St. Thomas because "you have not used your card on this 'route' in quite a while."


AT&T then rejected our newly issued company phone card: "You are not recognized as an authorized user."


Our evening flight from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas was seconds from takeoff when the pilot announced the runway lights on St. Thomas weren't working.

We got off the plane, grumbled and climbed the stairs back up to the gate.

Information was not forthcoming. Beleaguered gate staff repeated innumerable times that "instructions are coming from Dallas."


The problem was on St. Thomas.

How about just changing the light bulbs, eh?

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